Webinar Products – How to Successfully Sell Them [Part 1]

webinar products

How do you sell webinar products? There are many different tools and opportunities to sell products. You can sell in an email message. You can sell in a blog post and you can certainly sell with a landing page. One tactic that’s particularly hot right now as a sales tool is the webinar.

A webinar is a live meeting that takes place online. The meetings can be anything from a board meeting or a training session to a presentation or demonstration. Participants can view documents, videos, and other materials on their computer or smart phone, (from the comfort of their couch). You can share audio with them and if you choose, it can be interactive. You can allow questions and comments during the presentation.

Why Sell With Webinars?

There are many benefits to leveraging this type of online meeting to sell.


While you can certainly limit the number of attendees (and you may if you want to leverage scarcity to fill the “seats”) you can also present to an unlimited number of people. GoToWebinar, a webinar hosting service that we’ll talk about in this report, allows you to host up to 1000 people. However, if you want to host an even larger group, you can talk to their representatives about your needs.


Webinars allow your prospects to communicate with you directly. They get to see you, hear you, and listen to your stories. It’s much easier to connect with your audience when you’re able to actually speak directly to them. And we buy from people that we like and consider to be trustworthy businesses or individuals. You can build that trust during your webinar so that by the end of it your audience is ready to buy.

Multiple Learning Styles

You know that some people learn by reading, others by doing, and still more by watching or hearing. We all have our own preferred learning and communication style. Webinars allow you to tap into a variety of styles so that you connect with each member in your audience. For those that prefer to learn and communicate visually you can share videos, photos, and infographics.

For those that prefer to read, you can link to or share documents and slides. You can even assign action steps during the webinar to engage your audience and encourage participation.

Linking Webinar Products Is Easy

It’s super easy to add a link to any content that you share during your webinar. The link is live and attendees can click on it and go right to your sales page, opt-in page, or any page that you refer them to. They can download materials from your webinar.

Credibility and Authority

Think about the amount of trust you can build with your audience over the course of a webinar. As you speak to your audience, your presentation materials and your content will help build a foundation of credulity and authority. Earlier it was mentioned that we buy from people we like and trust. We also buy from folks we deem to be credible experts and authorities. If you have thirty minutes to an hour to talk to someone, you can build a strong relationship with them.

Leverage it Into Webinar Products

You can record your webinar and turn it into a product. For example, let’s say that you host five webinars, and each one is one step of a process. You can later package these recordings along with a report and/or workbook, and you now have a product that you can sell. You can also record the webinar, have it transcribed, and give away both as an email list opt-in offer. There are many ways to leverage your webinar after it’s over.

Sounds all good? Watch out for Part 1 where we’ll move onto the first step in creating a webinar that sells.