VA Communication – Tips To Streamline and Simplify

VA Communication

VA communication isn’t always easy. It can be more difficult if you have to manage different time zones. Also, if you manage different languages and methods of communication. When you’re working with a Virtual Assistant, it is vitally important that you have good communication. It impacts not only your working relationship, but also the results that you get from your VA. Good communication creates a better return on investment.

The good news is that a little organization and some solid systems can help you streamline and simplify communicating. The following tips will help you make your VA communication as effective and efficient as possible.

1. Know What You Need

This probably sounds like an obvious statement. However, it is the foundation for good VA communication. You have to know exactly what you need your VA to do before you ask them to do it. One simple way to accomplish this is to identify a goal. What do you want them to do? You can then outline the process that needs to be followed. For example, do you need them to manage your customer service? Then what steps are required for that process?

2. Use Project Management Fundamentals

The fundamentals of project management include goals, milestones, one single point of communication, and metrics for success. We’ve already mentioned goals. Milestones are like checkpoints along the way. For example, if your VA is updating your blog then you might set smaller goals and deadlines for those goals. This way, you know the job will be done on time. If your goals are measurable and you’ve established milestones, then you have built in metrics.

3. Use a Project Management System for VA Communication

One point of communication ensures that everyone is on the same page. This way, no messages are missed. For example, you might use Google Drive to communicate. You can share comments and feedback on documents. Project management systems like Basecamp can help you keep track of milestones, messages, and documents. They’re all in one place.

4. Create Documentation

One simple tool to ensure that you communicate effectively is to create documentation. Examples are simple documents like checklists, Standard Operating Procedures (or “SOPs”), and templates. These can help your virtual assistant know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. You might even create a screencast if you’re demonstrating how to use a technology. For example,  you might screencast how to upload, schedule, and send email messages using your autoresponder. This helps a lot if you need your VA to manage your email marketing.

5. Respond to Questions

Finally, make sure that you invite and respond to questions. All too often, VA communication fails when a contractor is unable to get their questions answered in a quick and clear fashion. The better you’re able to communicate with your VA, the better your end result will be.

So follow the above tips to help you make your VA communication as effective and efficient as possible to help bring your business to the heights of success!

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