Email Marketing – How to Create a Streamlined Process 

Email Marketing

With careful planning and implementation, your email marketing can become a valuable part of your overall marketing strategy. Technology is certainly part of creating a seamless system. The following 7 steps will help you create a process that supports you and your business.

1. Create an Opt-In Offer

An opt-in offer is something that your website visitor can receive access to via email. It can be anything from a coupon to an eBook to a home study course. A good offer provides value to your prospect and motivates them to sign up for your emails.

2. Reach Out Immediately

Send a thank you message to your new subscriber. Let them know that you’re happy they’ve subscribed. Offer them value in the form of access to more information. Show them how they can further their connection with you on social media as well. Begin building your relationship.

3. Create a Consistent Schedule for Your Email Marketing

Pull out your content calendar and start planning. How often are you going to email your list? What are you going to send them? One approach is to send an informative email each week. Once a month you might add a promotional email to the mix. You can tie your promotional messages into new products or services, sales, or joint venture offers.

4. Use an Autoresponder

Leverage technology. With an autoresponder service you can upload messages and schedule them. You can automate both follow-up messages and broadcast messages, and keep your subscribers happy with consistent content. Autoresponders also help you segment your list so that you can send follow-up messages based on demographics or behavior.

5. Align Your Goals

Determine what your email marketing goals are. Your goals should be based on your overall marketing goals and your business goals for the year. An email goal can be anything from increasing traffic to your website to building your social media audience or boosting sales.

6. Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

A call to action within every email message helps you achieve your marketing goals. Determine, in advance, what your message should achieve and create a call to action that matches your message and your goals.

7. Check Your Analytics

Many autoresponders offer a number of analytics. For example, they’ll tell you how many people opened your email or what link they clicked on. This information can tell you what messages your audience responds to. You can adapt your messages to create a better response.

Like any of your marketing tactics, it’s important to create systems. An email marketing system can ensure that you’re as productive and effective as possible. Start thinking about how you can leverage technology and your current processes to streamline your email. Follow the 7 steps above for you to create a process that supports you and your business.

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