Team – 4 Tips on How to Find and Build a Great One


Do you have a team? As a business owner and entrepreneur, your success can be limited by what you’re capable of 
achieving. And let’s face it, you probably didn’t start your business so that you’d be chained to it
 24/7. You started your business so that you could earn a comfortable living doing something that
 you loved.

To continue to live that life and to be able to grow your business means outsourcing, delegating,
 and maybe even hiring employees. In short, it means building a team. But how do you find those 
great team members? How do you build a great team?

1. Your Needs and Priorities

Start by identifying what you need to have done. You might look not only at your task list, but
 also at future projects and plans for your business. You want people on your team who can grow
 with your business. Make a list of the different types of people you might need, and the tasks you 
need taken care of. Keep in mind that some professionals, like virtual assistants, can have broad 
skills. Many write, design, code, and more.

2. Your Culture and Communication

It’s not enough to have people on your team who are great at what they do, although that’s a
 terrific start. You also want to have people on your organization who you click with. These are people
 who understand your business, your needs, and who fit with your business culture and
 communication style. It’s really great when you like your team members and when you trust
 them to work in and on your business.

3. Your Resources

Often, the best place to start building your team is through people that you know. Now, we’re not 
just talking about hiring friends and connections, though that can and does work out well for
 many. We’re also talking about using your connections to find great people. For example, maybe
 you’ve had a joint venture partnership with Lisa. You like and respect Lisa, and you know she
 has a terrific graphic designer. You might reach out to Lisa and ask her for a referral.
 When you hire people that you know and you’re connected with, it often works out quite well
 because you know their work and you also know that they’re probably a good fit for your
company culture and communication style.

4. Getting Started with Your Team

Great teams are often built from the first project they work on together. Getting started is often 
critical to future success. It’s always recommended to start with a smaller project. This allows
 you to get to know each other on a professional level without too much pressure on the outcome.
You can iron out communication issues and make sure you’re both on the same page.

5. Communication

Communication systems and styles can make or break a good team. Look into a solid project
 management or communication system for your group. There are a number of options, ranging 
from ticket based communication systems to larger featured options like Google Drive or

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what it takes to find and build a great team. However,
 these five steps will build you a solid foundation. How you lead will take you the rest
 of the way.

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