Automation – Choose Wisely: Nurture Your List and Build Relationships [Part 3]


Automation is an excellent way to ensure that you achieve more. Email automation can be the determining factor between making a steady stream of income and not making an income at all. 

Using trusted software like,,,, and/or will help you automate a lot of things. This enables you to focus on creating products, services, and other solutions. Let’s look at some things you can automate.

Automation Through Email Marketing

Being able to send personalized email messages to new sign-ups is a must-have. If you don’t use reputable autoresponder software, you could get into trouble for spam, due to the anti-spam laws. With the right email marketing software, you can set up autoresponder series; automatically share the content of your blogs, share information on new sales, and much more.

Data Capture & View Analytics

Good automation or autoresponder software will also capture data that can be used to study analytics. You’ll know who reads and clicks through your email links, and who buys what. This information can help guide your future decisions and is very important to have on hand.

Landing Pages

Landing page software can collect email addresses for marketing purposes, among other things. Using automated landing pages from software like can help increase signups. Some email software offers landing page functionality. You can even create landing pages using your website, or HTML. However, the more landing pages you have and the more offers you have the more sign ups you’re going to get.

Lead Generation

Use a combination of freebies, landing pages, and email automation to give you huge lead generation potential. Automate any part of this process that you can because it’s much simpler than doing it by hand.

Customer Relationship Management

The more customers you have, the more important it is for you to select and utilize help desk software. Since email is not always reliable because it can get filtered out of the inbox, it’s important to set up a help desk system for customers. Here they can submit a ticket and be assured that their submitted ticket is received and they can check on the status at any time.

Many ticket systems also provide a customizable FAQ section where customers (and others) can quickly find the answers they need without submitting a ticket and waiting for a reply. The FAQ empowers customers and enables them to find answers and solutions, using the option that is best for them.  

Automate these parts of your business for more efficiency. Setup takes time, but, you won’t need to work so hard to get leads, prospects, and customers. They will come to you.