Email List Building Through Your Blog [Here are 4 Tips]

email list building

Email list building is one of the most significant aspects of having a blog and this blog must be an active one. You would want all your readers and visitors to feel compelled to sign up for your email list. What you can do to achieve this is to always provide consistent and valuable content and of course, ask them directly to sign up.

1. Excellent Content for Email List Building

An excellent content is well-written. It should also be targeted to a specific audience that you want to attract. Other components of your site must also we well-crafted like your about page, the images you put up there and of course, the blog post itself that you publish every single day.

Tip: The post you write must be edited. Or what you can do is hire a writer and edit his or her work. A perfect content should always be edited.

2. Varied Content for Email List Building

Make sure that you write about various topics according to your niche. Don’t write the same stuff every week lest you want your readers to get bored. You can mix it up a bit by using slideshows, video casts, podcasts, eBooks, apps, PDF downloads, etc. This will be more exciting for your readers since they don’t know what to expect when they check your content but as long as it’s relevant to them, they will continue to visit your blog.

Tip: If you think you’re running out of content to publish on your blog, think again! You can actually reuse your blog content! For instance, your blog post can be turned into a podcast, or a video cast, then turned into an infographic.

Example: Round up your friends and colleagues to do a weekly blog. Each will answer a question as an expert in their niche. This will help promote your blog to their list and vice-versa. Once you have all the information from all the weekly posts, you can combine everything and create a book out of it.

3. Regular Content for Email List Building

If you think you can’t do regular posts a month, then at least be able to produce 20 blog posts a month.  According to Hubspot, that’s the minimum number to aim for if you want regular readers to sign up for your email list.  So target that number and soon you will get the bang for your buck and get the rewards with a bigger email list plus a higher targeted traffic that is willing and ready to buy from you.

Tip: To ensure you can produce a minimum of 20 blog posts a month, brainstorm in advance by using a calendar. This way, you’ll be able to pinpoint what what you need before start writing or before you hire a writer.

4. Call To Action

Always remember to put a call to action towards the end of your blog post. You want your readers to sign up for your list? Ask them! Your email list is the lifeblood of your business so make sure that you keep getting new people on your list. Once you build a targeted list, you can now promote a product, a sale, your new blog posts or get your audience involved in the product creation by asking them what they want.

Tip: Always remember that at the end of every blog post, you should always put your call to action. Make this a habit. If your readers read all the way through the end of your post then it’s expected that they would want to know more.

If you want to get a good return on investment from your blog, building an email list is the way to go. Just make sure that your blog is regularly filled with useful content that’s credible, original and friendly. The blog must speak directly to your audience and soon you’ll learn and experience for yourself that being a rockstar blogger can be fun and profitable too.

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