Blog Refresh – How to Know When It’s Time to Do It – Here are 3 Signs

Blog Refresh

Blog refresh – have you done this lately? Your blog is often the first place any prospect has contact with you and your business. It stands to reason then that your blog has to make a good impression. Unfortunately, with so much attention focused on sales and marketing, the blog design and content often gets pushed to the side. That doesn’t mean your blog needs to be updated. But there are generally surefire signs that it’s time for a blog refresh.

Let’s take a look at those signs so you can know if your blog is ready for an update.

1. Have a Blog Refresh if Your Technology No Longer Works

If your widgets, plug-ins, and other coding no longer work it may be because you haven’t updated your technology in a while. As technology evolves, older products become obsolete. Developers stop improving or updating apps and plug-ins. This means that new versions of technology no longer integrate with the old stuff. We’re talking about things as basic as social media integration and as important as shopping cart software. If your technology isn’t working as smoothly as it should, it’s time to update and have a blog refresh.

2.Have a Blog Refresh if Your Blog Looks Dated

Take a look at your blog from a visitor’s perspective. How fresh and relevant does it look? If the answer is, “not so much,” then you might want to consider an update. This update doesn’t have to be complicated. You might get new graphics, upload a new version of your blog template, or hire a designer to completely revamp your blog.

3. Have a Blog Refresh if Your Content is Outdated

How old is the content on your site? Is it now incorrect, irrelevant, or just really, really old? Outdated content can harm your reputation with your audience. The good news is that there are easy fixes for old content.

  • Update and refresh your content – make it relevant again by updating the information, the facts, and the statistics.
  • Republish as a new blog post – update the content, change the wording and even the structure a bit and you have a new post.
  • Just get rid of it – if your content is now wrong and too old to fix, just get rid of it. You can archive old blog posts and get them off of your site.

Finally, if no one is visiting your blog anymore, it may be time for a blog refresh. If you’re still using all the old traffic generation methods, but your visitors have declined, then update your blog. You’ll renew interest with your existing customers and drive new traffic with your new look and feel. Oh, and don’t forget to use your updated blog as an opportunity to promote your business. Tell everyone to check out your new updated blog and generate excitement.

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