Add a Podcast to Your Blog – Here are 3 Great Reasons

Add a podcast to your blog. Not all people are visual learners. There are those who are audio learners. They like listening to ideas more than looking at them or reading about them. This is why when you add a podcast to your blog, you can then create a bigger impact and reach a wider audience.

It’s just a matter of repurposing your content and I’m telling you, it works really well. This way, your audience gets to have a variety of ways to digest the information you’re giving them and consequently, this will create more success for you.

You can give your audience an alternative way to learn what you have to offer. They don’t have to read it if they don’t want to. They can listen to it instead if that is their preference. Add a podcast to your blog today.

Kendall SummerHawk does this for every blog post she publishes and she’s great at it. 

One way to do a podcast is by doing a voice recording of what you want to say. Then let your virtual assistant (VA) transcribe it. Or you can write the article first then record as you read it. Plugins like Blubrry PowerPress, podPress, Post by Voice, work to easily put your recording on your blog and in the right format. To attract more people to your blog, make your podcasts available to iTunes as well.


Develop More Trust

When you add a podcast to your blog, you are ensured of an inexpensive way to get more results from all that hard work that you have already put into your excellent blog posts.  Podcasting helps grow your influence and helps develop trust with your audience. When people hear your voice, it just attracts them more to you. You seem more real to your audience which makes them trust you more.


Expand Your Audience

Podcasts can be used to interview other people of influence so you can widen your audience. You get to learn something new along the way too, together with your audience. This opens up numerous other topics that you can use for your future blog posts. You can do this especially if you’re in need of other blog content ideas. By opening your blog to other people’s input, creative ideas would pour in. Plus, you get to attract  the market of your interviewee as well.


Add a podcast – It’s Inexpensive

If you want an affordable way to attract more audience, then podcasting is one sure way to do that. People can multitask while listening to your podcast rather than getting stuck on your blog reading words and not be able to do anything else. They can listen to you as they jog or do house chores, or go out for groceries, etc. People are fond of multitasking which is why podcasting has become more popular these days.

With these three great reasons, you now know that you need to incorporate podcasting to your blogging life. Go download a plugin and give it a shot. Do a podcast of a blog post you’ve already published. See how this can re-energize you to do more posts and incorporate more creative content for your blog.