Live Events: How to Make Your Audience Love Them and Come Back for More

live events

There is more to hosting live events or webinars than simply having one. You need to ensure that it ís fun, informative and useful too. When people go to live events, they know that theyíll get a sales pitch eventually. But what makes them come back is the actual content outside of the sales pitch. Plus, if they choose to purchase due to your sales pitch, the product must be fabulous. If you offer your audience amazing promises, you need to live up to them.

Make Live Events Educational

Every webinar should offer a message that educates the audience on something they need to know and can put into action right away. If the message is informative and gives them something they can do without even buying your offer, they’ll want to see more from you and may eventually buy your products or use your services.

Keep the Message Clear

If your message isn’t crystal clear to your audience, they may leave your live events confused. You don’t want that to happen. You want your audience to be able to digest the information in an understandable way.

Be Entertaining

While you’re getting them the information, it’s important to also not make it boring. Be lively and entertaining. Share a story that they can relate to. Show your humanity to them and they’ll want to know more.

Pick an Awesome Topic

This is really the most important part of the webinar. Your topic should be something that makes your audience excited to learn more. In order to choose the right topic, you need to match your expertise with what your audience needs.

Give Attendees a Special Gift

Approximately 75 percent of the people who sign up for your webinar will not attend. But, you can boost attendance if you give those who attend something no one else will get. Make it something people will talk about.

Host It at the Right Day and Time

Knowing your audience will also help you know the perfect day and time to host your live events. You may ultimately choose to host more than one in order to cover all the bases.

Create an Awesome Information Page

This is not a sales page, but instead a page that lets those who have signed up for your live events know what exactly will happen at the event. You can mention the freebies you’ll be giving away during the webinar and the information you’ll cover more in-depth.

Follow Up

When someone signs up for the webinar you should have an autoresponder set up to immediately thank them for signing up, sharing the information page and other information that will encourage them to attend the webinar live.

Send Reminders

Sometimes people do not attend the webinar live simply due to forgetting. Some webinar systems have the ability to set up reminders, but even if it doesnít you can set them up with the autoresponder system.

You can work diligently to make your live events successful, but if you don’t include these factors you may not have that many attendees. Understanding who your audience is and what they need is your first step to ensuring that all your webinars resonate with your audience. The more your events solve problems for your audience, entertain them and wow them, the more likely they are to come back.

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