5 Things Your Virtual Assistant Wants From You

Virtual Assistant

Your virtual assistant is an important part of your business. Do you want to know how to create a positive working relationship with your VA? You know what you need from them, right? The next step is to learn what they need from you. Understanding supports communication and better working relationships.

1. Clear Job/Project Description

It’s difficult to do a good job for someone if the job description is vague or incomplete. While you may not necessarily need to identify all the steps that your VA needs to take, you do want to be thorough with your expectations and what needs to be done. And to accomplish that, you need to have a clear understanding about what you want to have done. Establish your goals and create a job description before you ask a virtual assistant to complete a task for you or take on a responsibility.

2. Relevant Information

Your target audience, goals, brand, voice, and products or services are all important for your virtual assistant to know. The more they know about your organization, the better. Consider creating a document that outlines your business. You can then share it with new partners, contractors, and with your virtual assistant.

3. Deadlines for your Virtual Assistant

Deadlines help you and your virtual assistant stay on track. They also help clarify expectations. If you’re outsourcing a larger project, consider milestones. These are smaller incremental deadlines along the way. Milestones and deadlines help you feel confident that the work is getting done. You’re not tempted to micromanage your virtual assistant. They also help your virtual assistant schedule their week and know what to expect.

4. Timely Payment

Everyone likes to get paid on time, and your virtual assistant is no different. When you pay on time it shows that you value their work and your relationship with them. It’s a simple way to demonstrate appreciation. Make sure that you and your virtual assistant agree on invoicing and payment terms in advance, and create systems so you’re able to pay on time.

5. Efficient Communication

Your virtual assistant may have questions. It’s important to create systems where they can reach out to you to ask those questions. It’s also important that they receive timely responses. Phone calls can be tricky because you may be dealing with different schedules and time zones. Email, chat, and project management communication systems can be a quick and easy way to connect. Establish your communication preferences and systems in advance and be available if your VA needs additional information.

Bonus – Consistent Work

Any service provider enjoys the benefit of regular cash flow, regular customers, and consistent work. If you find that you and your VA have a good working relationship, you can strengthen that relationship by providing them with a consistent and/or regular flow of work. You’ll develop a business partnership that benefits you both.

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