Segment Your List: Nurture Your List and Build Relationships [Part 2]

Segment Your List

Segment your list… how do you do it? You can read the first part here: Nurture Your List and Build Relationships [Part 1 of Email Welcome and Newbie Series] Within every target market, there are sub-segments. The more you can segment your list the better. Segmentation starts at the signup when they want info about…

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List Building Mistakes – Be Aware of Them So You Can Avoid Them!

List Building

Effective list building requires a strategic approach. In addition to creating a top-level opt-in, you want the actual sign-up process to be practically perfect. Each new subscriber is a potential new customer, which means sales and profits. Let’s take a look at the most common list building mistakes. 1. Out of Date Opt-In Your opt-in…

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