Post-Launch: 3 Steps to Take After Your Launch Is Over

Post Launch

During post-launch, it’s tempting to take a deep breath and relax. There’s still a little more work to be done. You can, however, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If you take the following post-launch steps you’ll be able to capitalize on the momentum you’ve created from your launch. That means more awareness, traffic, and profits.

Step #1: Create a Post-Launch Follow-Up Plan

If you haven’t already, create a follow-up plan. Generally speaking, the easiest way is to create an autoresponder series. You can leverage email to stay in touch with customers. You can give them special offers and upsells. Link to your blog to drive traffic and motivate customers to stay in touch with you on social media.

Step #2 Assess Your Success

Another important component of the post-launch is the assessment period. You want to sit down and go over your notes and results. Evaluate the success of your launch. What worked? What didn’t? Take notes and tweak your system so that your next launch is easier and more successful.

You’ll want to evaluate your:
• Content
• Marketing
• Pricing
• Distribution
• Sales
• Customer Service
• And your systems and processes.

Step #3 Check in With Your Affiliate Team and JV Partners

Once you’ve paid your affiliates for a job well done, consider connecting with a few of your top affiliates. Talk to them about what worked for your launch and what you can do better next time. Hopefully, they have their own analytics. They can tell you what their audience responded to and the type of feedback they received.

If you worked with JV partners, now is also the perfect time to talk about the launch. Getting feedback from the people you work with and those that help support you is imperative. You want these lovely individuals to stay happy. Find out what you can do to make their lives better, more profitable, and easier.

Finally, start planning your next launch. You have all of the information and motivation right now to keep the ball moving forward. Start taking notes and setting goals for your next launch. Use what you’ve learned from this launch to make the next one more successful.

Set a date. Create your systems, and start planning your materials. What will you launch, when will you release it and who do you need on your team to help you get it all done?

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