Unique Product – 3 Simple Steps To Make It Unique

Unique Product

Want to know how you can have a unique product or service? Do you want to find out how you can make your product stand out in the crowd?  Although there still may be lots of competition in the marketplace, you can still come out ahead.  Here’s a few simple steps on how to do just that.

1.   Find an Interesting Topic

Steer away from the standard topics such as:  getting affiliate sales or getting SEO for your website, along with any other hyped up ways to make sales.

To stand out, go against the ‘grain’ by not going the same route everyone else is taking.  This is what many others are doing now by creating products that make money from Facebook and other social networking sites.

For example, Technology platform – Personera, made money off of Facebook Pages by offering personalized products such as calendars, photo books, and cards.  Their products included a shared content between the brand and the individual consumer.  Their free app created a one of kind keepsake or piece of merchandise for every customer.

Recently, Personera received a $1.4 million venture capital investment from Venture Capitalist, Hasso Platner, to fund their global sales, product launch and marketing initiatives, growing their USA team and expanding their product range.

2.  Do a Joint Venture

One of the biggest and top-selling products are the ones where two marketers collaborate on a joint venture.  Try collaborating with people who complement your service/product and split the profits.

A recent example of this was when Social Media Trainer and Marketing Guru, Mari Smith, teamed up with Apple Evangelist and Venture Capitalist, Guy Kawasaki, to promote their joint venture product, “Social Midas: The 15 Golden Keys to Stellar Social Media Marketing.”  They started by offering a free webinar on “The 7 Hottest Social Media Business Trends” with almost 4,500 attendees watching!

You don’t have to start off with that big of an expectation but find someone who complements you, your product or service, and both of you can generate twice the amount of traffic to both of your websites.  Joint ventures could have both of you watch your profits roll in.

3.  Create a Great Sales Page for Your Unique Product

By getting the most important part of the sale process done – a professional and convincing sales page completed, you can be sure to have lots of sales streaming in.  Try producing a short video on the unique, marketable aspect of your product or service and embed it into your sales page.  Make it short and interesting to ‘tease” your target market into finding out more about your product or service.

Once you have tried these tips out, creating a product or service that’s going to beat out your competitors is as easy as 1-2-3.  Although it may take a while for some people to succeed at first, try them out and see what kind of results come up for you.  You’ll never know unless you try everything!