Product Development – Proven Product Creation Tips, Tactics, and Success Strategies

Product development and creation is a blend of art and science. There’s some degree of intuition and instinct involved, along with an ability to research, plan, and dig deep.

The following five expert tips will help ensure your next product development efforts are strong.

1. Define Your Product Strategy

Start by making sure you have clearly defined your strategy by setting product vision, goals, and initiatives for each product. Since major initiatives drive your goals, you should also link these together. When this step is complete, you will be able to see the relationships between your product lines, products, goals, initiatives, and releases all on one screen. This helps you find “orphan” goals or initiatives that can be linked to high-level objectives. Read more –

2. Be Sure Your Product Solves a Common, Highly Relatable Problem

Generally speaking, products that sell like gangbusters simply make consumers’ lives easier. “To create a sales phenomenon, make sure your product fits easily into people’s lives and fixes a problem that a lot of us have,” Morse says. “Make a connection that runs deep with them.” Read more –

3. Solicit Feedback for Product Development

It’s not enough to run nascent products by friends and family. Instead, vet early-stage plans and prototypes with potential customers (in other words, strangers).

The idea is to get people to tell you whether the product meets their needs and, if not, what might improve it. Is the product the right shape? Are buttons or other functional components in the right place? Is it the right color? Does it perform the way people want it to? Read more –

4. Build and/or Join a Community

“Tap into the power of community early on,” says Gregg Pollack, founder & CEO, Code School. “In other words, find a community of like-minded people who would use your product or service and engage that community either via social media or in person,” he says. “This is especially valuable in the tech world. There are a multitude of meet-ups for all kinds of tech, so engaging these communities in person is very doable [and advisable].” Read more –

5. Focus On What Makes You Different

Figure out what your unique selling proposition is and use it. Is your delivery business done with a fleet of electric cars? Does your dental practice cater to those with high anxiety? Crossoak Family Dentistry uses the slogan “We cater to cowards” with a big chicken on its website. Incorporate what makes you special into your slogan if possible. Read more –

Product development is an important part of creating and growing a business. New products, promotions, and packages are what keep prospects interested and profits growing. Tap into expert advice and experience to learn, grow, and prosper.