Information Product – Know the Five Best Practices

Info Product

It used to be that all you had to do was sit down and write a quick report, add some nice formatting and you could make great money online. However, digital publishing has opened the information product world up to anyone who has something to say. That means you have tough competition. Follow these five best practices and you’ll position your product well ahead of your competition.

1. Audience first.

Answer the question, what’s in it for me for your audience. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and understand them as well as possible. What problems are they facing and how will your information product help improve their lives? Design your product to serve your audience. If you provide them with value they’ll continue buying from you and spread the word about your great products.

2. Positioning is key.

Make sure that you understand who your competition is, what products they offer and how you can position your product competitively. When creating your product, look to differentiate your information. You can provide unique content in an interesting format. Combine different types of content, use a variety of formats and leverage the knowledge of others to help strengthen your product.

3. Brand your product.

Your information products need to represent your brand. That means that they need to look similar to your other products and marketing materials. They also need to share your voice and style. For example, if you’re friendly and conversational then your information products should be as well.

4. Make sure your information product fits logically within your sales funnel.

Create a product that feels like a logical next step for your audience. For example, will they buy this information product after they’ve signed up for your email list, or is it more expensive and further down the funnel? You’ll have more sales and provide a better customer experience when your products naturally progress and pull your customer through your funnel.

5. Professional quality is essential.

Spend time crafting a quality information product. Competition is stiff and customers are critical of information products that don’t keep their promise. You’ll be sure to hear about it, however, if your product exceeds their expectations. A visually interesting product with top quality content that is put together in a professional package goes a long way to building your reputation.

Planning your information product is critical. These five best practices should be embraced and integrated into your plan before you start creating your product. It’s the best way to achieve information product success.

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