Info Products – 5 Steps to Seamlessly Blend Them Into Your Sales Funnel

info products

Any new info products or services that you create can either strengthen your customer experience or weaken it. If your audience is confused about the next step they’re supposed to take, it can weaken their experience. Conversely, if your info products fit seamlessly into your sales funnel, it strengthens your business by helping to build trust and credibility with your audience. You’ll sell more products and retain more customers. The following steps will help you create info products that blend seamlessly into your sales funnel.

1. Review your existing sales funnel.

It might begin with your email opt-in offer and end with a high-level service or product, for example. Or it might end with a coaching package or a membership.

2. Do market research.

Learn what problems your audience is struggling with. What steps do they take to solve those problems? What resources do they use presently to solve their problems and where are there gaps in their process? Where can you fill an existing need?

3. Align your marketing research with your existing sales funnel.

Look for opportunities. For example, if you are a personal trainer and your first opt-in is a free report about how to find time to exercise, your research might uncover that finding time to exercise is only part of the battle as your audience also needs to find the energy to exercise. Before they’re going to pay for your training services they have to believe that they can do it. Your information product can fill this gap by showing your prospect how to get more energy to exercise.

4. Pricing matters for your info products.

In addition to filling a need and plugging holes in information in your sales funnel, you also want to create a product that logically fits in terms of pricing. For example, if your information product is the first step your prospect is going to take after signing up for your free opt-in offer, then it needs to make a small jump in price. However, if your information product is going to be an option to perhaps hiring you as a coach, then it can be a more expensive item.

5. Leave room for more.

When you’re creating your information product make sure that there is a next logical step and leave room for more information. Don’t answer all of the questions your audience has or will ever have. Answer one specific question and answer it very well. Then you have room in your funnel and product catalog for future information products.

The longer you can keep prospects in your sales funnel, the more money you’ll make. When you create information products, spend some time planning not only how you’ll create an excellent product, but also how you’ll provide an exceptional customer experience.