Opt-In Offer – 6 Reasons You Need It to Build Your Email Marketing List

Opt-in Offer

Profitable email marketing list… the key to creating a productive one  is to begin with the opt-in offer. Your opt-in offer is the tool that you leverage to motivate website visitors to sign up for your email list.

For example, a home organizer might offer a free report on organizing your bedroom closet. The opt-in is delivered via email in exchange for the prospect’s email address and permission to send messages. Your opt-in offer has to accomplish several key things in order for it to motivate qualified prospects to want to sign up.

• It needs to provide unique value
• It needs to be relevant to your business
• It needs to represent your brand

Types of Opt-In Offers

There are many different types of opt-in offers. However, to accomplish the goal of getting an email address, they usually have to be delivered via email. That means that the most common offers are digital downloads like reports and eBooks.

However, you might also consider:

• Free demonstrations
• Free consultations
• Worksheets, templates, blueprints and mind maps
• Video series
• Limited membership
• Coupons and discounts

The Primary Reason to Have an Opt-In Offer

The biggest reason that most people include an opt-in offer is because it accomplishes two key actions:

  • It motivates someone to subscribe to your list. Then you have their email and you can begin building a relationship with them.
  • It prequalifies the person as a prospect. When they download your information or sign up for your list, it shows that they’re actually interested in your products or services. This means that you may be able to sell something to them.

More Reasons to Create an Opt-In

There are other reasons to create an opt-in offer to build your email list. It can help you:

Increase credibility and authority – A good opt-in can convert prospects to customers.

  • Start the relationship-building process – We buy from people we like, and if your personality is conveyed in your offer, then you might motivate a sale.
  • Reciprocity – A great opt-in will delight your prospect. They’ll be so grateful for the value that they may feel the need to reciprocate and buy something from you.
  • Sales Funnel – By signing up for your list, your prospect has entered your sales funnel. You now have the ability to connect with them and pull them further into the sales process.

Finally, when you create an opt-in offer, it gives your blog readers and website visitors a next step. They can transition from being a visitor to being a subscriber. It gives them an action to take and allows you to guide your website visitors through your process.

The key to email list building success is to create a great opt-in offer. You want something that adds value and stands above the other offers. Leverage the skills of others to help you create your offer. You might hire a ghostwriter, a graphic designer and a virtual assistant or project manager to pull it all together. Who would be at the top of your opt-in creation team?

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  • Let a strong virtual assistant and team help you.
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