Ecommerce Store Top WordPress Plugins – Try Them!

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Running a successful ecommerce store can take a lot of work. Leveraging technology has the benefit of helping you reduce your workload while providing a better shopping experience for your customers. Because WordPress is the foundation for many ecommerce sites, we’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress plugins for your ecommerce store.


WooCommerce is built around a Woo WordPress theme. For ecommerce store owners who are comfortable working in WordPress, this makes setting up and running an online store intuitive and easy. WooCommerce also offers powerful features, including secure checkout and multiple payment options. Google Analytics and social sharing are integrated into the dashboard, along with detailed reporting options.

WooCommerce is fully compatible with WordPress themes and fully customizable. You can also purchase extensions to add more power and features depending, on the needs of your store.

WordPress eCommerce

WordPress eCommerce is a feature-rich shopping cart and ecommerce plugin. It may not be as user friendly and functional as some of the other plugins listed here. However, it remains one of the top plugins for ecommerce store owners. The user support is extensive with video tutorials and more. There are the basic payment gateways, and shipping tools as well. Secure checkout and customization is also part of this popular plugin.

Jigo Shop

Jigo Shop is a favorite because it’s readily customizable. It offers an abundance of features including the ability to offer multiple product options, reporting, and a stock tracker. For your customers, they’ll appreciate multiple shipping methods and payment gateways. They have a large community and a reputation for great customer support.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads isn’t for every ecommerce store owner. It’s really designed specifically for the information marketer. All of the features, and there are many, support a digital download store environment. For example, this ecommerce plugin allows you to accept multiple payments and provide a payment history to your customers. In fact, the customer features are extensive. There’s a promotional code system feature and the ability to bundle purchases. You can attach multiple files per download and give customers the ability to re-download files they’ve already purchased.

Cart 66 for your Ecommerce Store

Many people consider Cart 66 to be the easiest ecommerce shopping cart system to use. Unlike many shopping cart and ecommerce plugins, there is a free version that can help new stores get up and running quickly. It allows you to manage orders, run promotions, and provide multiple shopping options.

Before installing any of these plugins try a demo. Make sure the plugin offers the features and functionality that you need. Then compare based on price and find the best WordPress plugin for your ecommerce store.