Repurpose Podcasts – How You Can Create More Relevant Content

repurpose podcasts

How to repurpose podcasts? If there is a perfect example of content you can repurpose, it’s podcast. Below is a screenshot of Melissa Ingold’s blog: Time Freedom Business. The blog has a podcast which usually features interviews with other successful people. This podcast then becomes a blog post. The blog post has a blurb that explains what readers will read about and other ways they might want to digest the blog post. For example, she tells them that they can download the podcast in iTunes or she has a transcription of it that they can get using Kindle. 

Here is the example of the blog post, with the podcast link below it.

She talks about what is going to be in the podcast, as well as her thoughts and ideas on the topics since doing the podcast. She gives you enough that you want to listen to it, and hear her story. She does that for all her guests who are interviewed in order to set up the podcast for success.

She also provides an excellent call to action by telling the reader exactly what to do in order to hear the podcast. “Click the play button” and what will happen when you do.

Here is an example of what is under the podcast button.

It can’t be more clear that you can listen to this podcast on Make it easy for your blog visitors to have choices. They can easily see that they can listen to the podcast in the player or they can download it to iTunes to listen to it on the go.

Here is the example of the Kindle book which is right below the offerings for iTunes.

She also offers her blog visitors the ability to read the transcript of the interview in a Kindle book so that they can have many ways to digest the content. She sells these for about 99 cents too, so that provides another income stream. She can do it as a Kindle book since the text is not on the blog post and it is still an original work.

Finally, below that she even has more content, which are links to the tools and resources mentioned in the podcast. Naturally, these are affiliate links, or products Melissa created herself or with a partner. It’s an excellent example of being a rock star blogger.

Basically, Melissa was able to reuse and repurpose podcasts into:

    • An eBook with a minimal cost of 99 cents
  • An iTunes Cast

Of course you can do it in any order you want. You can repurpose podcasts into blog posts, then a book, then an audio or the other way around. It’s all up to you.

What do you think? Have you repurposed your content? How did you do it?