Mobile Website Branding – Why is It Important?

mobile website branding

Are you too focused on branding the business that you have? If you are, take note that your mobile website can either help or hurt this process.

But let us define branding first. What does that term mean – “branding”?

Branding is the practice of making an instantly recognizable logo, site, color scheme or any other visual “cue” that aids viewers to identify it automatically with your business, product or service.

As long as you’ve set everything up properly, then the advantages you could reap from it are:

    • Your target market knows who you are as well as what you’re about
    • Your target market will know what to expect in terms of service, quality, and price
  • Your target market will know whether they are indeed your favored target market and once they know, they will remain loyal to you.

Once you’ve set yourself to focus on branding, you would need a strategy. You would need methods and ideas to keep your products and services in constant mind or view of the public.

Take for instance Coca-Cola – their distinctive red-and-white colors, as well as its logo, are both parts of its branding. Even if there are small changes in details, the overall look and feel tend to stay the same. Like the Coca-Cola polar bears, you instantly recognize them as part of that brand, right? Their graphic representation features 2 key elements of having a strong brand and these are:

    • Repetition
  • Consistency

With a mobile website, of course you don’t want heavy graphics. But small graphic elements which automatically remind people of your brand will amazingly work and do its wonders.  This allows your branding to remain in top shape:

    1. The moment your target market see those graphic elements on their mobiles, potential customers will think of you.
    1. Potential customers will instantly know what they’re going to get and in time, they will have developed either a positive or a negative emotion every time they see your logo, profile or name.
    1. When there is a repetition of positive feelings, trust follows. When there is trust then your market will be willing to entertain your offers.
  1. Needless to say, trust brings purchases as well as repeat purchases. Repeat customers tend to stay loyal as long as you are also consistent with your branding.

Overall, branding should be given focus in your marketing especially when you go mobile. Branding boosts your credibility more than you will ever realize.