12 Tweetable Statistics of Why Blogging Works and How to Improve Results

Blog Post

Are you into blogging? Do you blog? You probably do. Ideally you also have a strategy that helps you plan your content and regularly review your analytics.

Why Blogging?

Blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, build your audience, and capture subscribers and sales. When you blog, you’re able to provide content that strengthens your brand, boosts your credibility, and helps you provide value to your audience in a consistent manner.


The following tweets all support the power of blogging. They emphasize the effectiveness of this simple tactic and show how you can make blogging even more powerful.

  1. B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that don’t. (Huffington Post) (Tweet this stat)
  2. Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI. (Hubspot) (Tweet this stat)
  3. Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. (Business2Community)  (Tweet this stat)
  4. Consumers rate blogs as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information. (SearchEnginePeople)  (Tweet this stat)
  5. Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. (Tech Client)  (Tweet this stat)
  6. 81% of companies consider their blogs useful, important, or critical. (Hubspot)  (Tweet this stat)
  7. Once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic increases by up to 30%. (Traffic Generation Cafe )  (Tweet this stat)
  8. If a blog is more than 1,500 words, on avg it receives 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more FB likes. (Quick Sprout)  (Tweet this stat)
  9. 80% of all the daily traffic on a blog are new visitors. (Convince And Convert)  (Tweet this stat)
  10. The average word count of top-ranking content is between 1,140-1,285 words. (Searchmetrics)  (Tweet this stat)
  11. 43% of marketers generate customers from their blog. (HubSpot)  (Tweet this stat)
  12. Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month (HubSpot-State of Inbound)  (Tweet this stat)

What to do?

Tweet these posts, add them to your content, and leverage the power of blogging and the most up to date statistics about this marketing tactic to grow your business. Blogging has been around for more than a decade and it’s not going anywhere. Consumers like it, businesses trust it, and it works.

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