Video Marketing Tweets – Here are the Important Ones

video marketing tweet

Here are video marketing tweets you should consider. Video marketing has been on the rise for the past two years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It produces a higher return on investment. Moreover, video engages more people and is shared more often on social media. It has  also proven time and time again that it converts better than other types of content. Here are some important video marketing tweets:

Video Marketing Tweets 1: Conversions Matter in Video Marketing

When it comes to conversions, you can’t do better than a great video. Video marketing research firms have studied video and the results are in. It outperforms other content. Here are the said results:

Video Marketing Tweets 2: Engagement, Branding, and Relationship Building

It’s true that video is a unique type of content, and unlike print content, video allows you to use your personality, your facial expressions, and even your voice to help engage your audience. It can be a powerful relationship builder. Remember, we buy from people we like and trust. Video gives you the ability to tell a story in a more effective way than any other medium.

Video Marketing Tweets 3: It’s the Chosen Medium

Would you rather watch a video on your smartphone, or read a blog post? If you’re like the vast majority of people, you’d rather watch a video. Your audience likely has the same preference. Internet traffic, particularly from mobile devices, prefers video. It’s the chosen medium, and therefore has the potential to truly grow your business.

Whether you’re marketing to individuals or business, video works. So, take a look at your current content marketing plan. Do you include video in your strategy? Then maybe it’s time to add video to your marketing plan, or to increase your use of this productive, and profitable, content marketing tool. Make use of the mentioned video marketing tweets.