Video Marketing Technologies – Consider These for Better Business Profits

Vide Marketing Technologies

Video marketing technologies are important when you have an online business. It takes technology to create your video. You will also leverage technology to publish and promote your videos. It’s a great idea to research and align your technology before you get started creating your video. This way you’ll be able to streamline the process and create, publish, and profit from your video as quickly and easily as possible.

Video Editing Software – A Must Have in Video Marketing Technologies

Once you’ve captured your video on your camera or computer screen, you’ll want to edit it. Editing allows you to add music, to add graphics (including your logo), and to trim and polish your video so that it’s ready to publish.

The following video editing software programs are a few to consider.

Windows Movie Maker

This software is free if you have Windows operating system already running on your computer. It’s the most popular of the video editing programs, and it’s pretty easy to use. It’s pretty much a drag-and-drop system. If you’re new to video editing and/or not confident with your skills then this may be the tool to use.

Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate

This software is not free. It retails for $129.95, although you can buy it for about half that price on Amazon. It’s a solid video editing software product, but it’s not without some glitches. It does have live screen capture features, which are useful if you’re creating a video with screen casting.

Apple Final Cut

And for those that use Apple products, Apple Final Cut may be your editing software of choice. It’s pricey at $299, but it’s also a great product. There are some downsides, like you can’t import Final Cut projects from pervious versions without using a third party plug-in. All in all, it’s a solid choice.

Video Hosting

When it comes to video hosting there are generally two choices. They are YouTube and Vimeo. However, you might also consider a few others including:

* Vine
* Wistia
* Sprout Video

Video Creation

There are many online video creation tools that can help you consistently create top quality videos. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in front of the camera, recording a screen cast or creating an animation. Consider the following:


Animoto allows users to create a video within minutes, and the video editing tools are part of the process. You add your pictures, text, and/or video clips. Choose your music and then post and track your videos online.


Stupeflix provides free unlimited videos with editing, music, templates and more. There is also a Pro version that offers unbranded videos, exclusive themes, exclusive tracks, text-to-speech, call to action buttons, and much more.


You can give this tool a free try and you don’t even have to register. There are different pricing options and the service works on a credit basis. You buy credits, and different scale projects cost a certain number of credits.

When it comes to creating video and embracing it as part of your marketing strategy, there are an abundance of video marketing technologies to consider. Review your options and compare your needs and goals to what’s available. You don’t have to spend big bucks to create top quality video. It’s more important to find video marketing technologies that support you to succeed.