Video Content – 4 Places to Connect with Your Ideal Audience

video content

Often when people think about content marketing they get stuck in the print content mentality. The truth is that print content is amazingly successful. However, more and more business owners are finding that visual content like video content takes their content marketing to a whole new level. Now visual content includes a wide variety of media. It can include photos, and Instagram is a great way to market with photos. Visual content can also include infographics, memes, cartoons and video.

One of the challenges many people face with video is that they limit their reach. They focus on one channel and forget, or maybe don’t know, that there are a multitude of channels where video is a viable marketing tactic.

Where to Use Your Video Content:

Pinterest –

Pinterest is an image sharing site. However, it’s more about collecting images than sharing them. Users can create themed boards to make plans, organize dreams and goals, and to be inspired.

For example, someone who is planning a wedding might create a wedding themed board to gather ideas that they like for their own wedding. In addition to images, videos can also be uploaded. You can pin video content from other sites but, more importantly, you can pin your own videos.

Instagram –

Instagram is an image sharing site that’s owned by Facebook. Brands are finding it a successful tool to market and grow their business. In addition to videos, you can also upload and share quick videos. These video content have to be 15 seconds or less with Instagram, so it requires creativity and a strong message.

Facebook –

Facebook is probably not new to you. Hopefully, you’re using it to market your business and you’re probably using both print and visual content. If your content mix doesn’t include video, then it may be time to add it. This can happen in a number of different ways. You can upload a video to your blog or website. Share a teaser and a link on Facebook. Just uploaded a video to YouTube? Embed it in a Facebook post too.

Youtube –

Of course YouTube and your own blog (or other blogs) are also a good way to leverage the power of video as a content tool. Before you start creating video content it’s important to step back and create a plan. Identify your ideal audience, make sure they’re present on your social channel of choice, and create a content plan that addresses the wants and needs of that ideal audience. Of course, create systems to test and track your results too.

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