Live Video: Here are 25 Tips You Must Follow When You Do a Live Video

Live Video

Live video – they’re now here to stay. If you want to join in on the fun and be able to earn income from your business this way, here are 25 tips you must do.

1. Square Things Up in Your Live Video.

Square videos outperform landscape and letterbox videos. This is especially true when it comes to mobile reach, views, and engagement. The 1:1 videos take up more space on the Facebook news feed, so your content is more likely to get noticed.

2. Become A Shameless Tease.

Learn the art of teasing your audience with a few posts before the live video starts! You’ll have everyone rushing to share.

3. Frame Your Audience.

Create and give your live audience a branded frame to add to their profile. The frame helps promote the video or show. Fun activities can incorporate the frame, such as awarding a prize to whoever “brings” the most friends with them.

4. Optimize Your Live Video.

Link to your website. Brand it with your logo. Include a coupon code or freebie link and encourage video sharing.

5. Educate To Sell.

Focus on educating your audience in your videos. Sales should come naturally when you educate effectively and implement smart marketing strategies.

6. Take Your Audience With You.

Attending a local event or conference? Live stream to introduce people or topics relevant to your audience. Ask your audience to help you share the info, since you need to “sign off” for the next event/speaker.

7. Facebook Live Challenge and Solution.

The top Facebook Live challenge is getting people to view Live as you stream live! Avoid times when they are probably focused on their family or business activities.Find the sweet spot and stick with it.

8. Create A Live Show Hashtag.

If you create live and recorded video, include “live” in the live video’s hashtag. Then give people a mutually beneficial reason to use it. Examples might include contest entries and gift drawings.

9. Make Your Live Video’s Audio Top Priority.

If people can’t hear or understand what you say, the live video is worthless, unless you are holding up signs for people to read. When you can afford more or better equipment, focus on audio needs first.

10. Clean Equipment Frequently.

This is very important if you are using your smartphone camera! Make sure the lens has no oil smudges or dust particles. The same goes for the built-in mic and other items used to create your video.

11. The 2-Minute Value Deal.

After your intro or at the 2-minute mark, toss out a great tip and promise more to come. This prompts followers to invite their friends to meet them, immediately, on your page to watch with them.

12. What’s The Code Word?

Excite viewers and increase watch time with a code word. Share a special code word. Only at the end of the show, do you give them the details about what the code’s for and the link where it can be used.

13. Wrap-up With Live Q & A Session.

Dedicate 15-20 minutes to answer questions from your audience. This makes them feel special and privileged because they get to talk directly to you. Plus, it will grow your business relationships, among other things.

14. See Eye To Eye.

Look at the camera, not the monitor! You don’t want the audience to be staring at your eyelids while you look at the monitor. When using a laptop, put a dot on each side of the built-in camera to give you a visual reminder to look into the viewers’ eyes. This gives you a more natural eye movement, as if you were actually looking into their eyes.

15. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

Go live at pre-scheduled times to help build your show or series following. Consistency is important as you make the show day/time memorable, build trust, and promote the show.

16. Create Show Highlight Clips.

You can use them to create a short video or image buzz for the next live stream, to increase interest in the on-demand version, or even use it in an ad.

17. Why You’re Going Live.

Only go live if you’re goal is to directly interact with your viewers for 20-minutes or longer. Make sure you have a plan for an activity, as well as a couple of back-up activities. 

18. Assign Support-Team Monitors.

You’ll need at least two members of your support team to help you monitor things. They can bring your attention to questions and alert you to problems or issues regarding the live stream such as volume and other technical issues.

19. Sprinkle In Scheduled “Reminders” in Your Live Video.

At specific intervals throughout the video, remind viewers of the top sites, actions, or take-a-ways you want them to remember. Do this verbally, as well as in the comments. 

20. Borrow Aspects From Your Favorite Broadcaster.

Think of your favorite broadcasters. What is it that attracts you – the humor, intensity, sincerity, compassion, etc.? Incorporate one or two of those things into your own live video, as long as it fits your natural personality. 

21. Choose the Title or Name Your Live Video Carefully.

Choosing a name for your show or video is important. Each word you use creates a mental image for the reader. Craft an SEO title that attracts viewers with the mental images the title suggests.

22. Privately Screen Your Live Stream.

Whether you want to test your stream before going live or practice your skills privately, the best way to do either is by using a backup account. If you’re using Facebook, make a secret testing account that has no friends. Set all of the publishing notifications to private. While your backup account is streaming, log into your main account and discover what kind of experience your audience would have. Make needed adjustments and fix any problems you notice.

23. Instagram Videos Share The Love.

Instagram shoppers love images and videos! These people are usually well-informed, active shoppers. The more information and visuals you offer, the more likely they are to look, watch, and buy. Create pre-recorded and live videos that they can view and share after your live broadcast.

24. Export The Highest Quality of Live Video Possible.

Regardless of the type of video you create, a recorded sales page video, a coaching lesson, or a short video ad, you should use the highest quality possible. Begin with the presets for 1080p video. Test and compress as needed.

25. Go Live With Twitter Public Account.

To reach your audience, share the best, most inspiring info/tip first, to grab their attention and gain live viewers. Then share personal stories, exclusive content, Q&As, sneak peeks, and more.

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