Top-Performing Affiliates: 4 Ideas To Motivate Your Affiliate Team

Top Performing Affiliates

Different things motivate different people. Some are motivated by accomplishment, others by money. Some enjoy praise and others are motivated when they feel they’ve provided value. For most top-performing affiliates there are a few key ways they’re motivated. You might find them a bit surprising.

1. Connect and Communicate

Reach out and connect with your affiliates on a regular basis. In addition to sending them a welcome message when they first sign up, there are many opportunities to connect. For example, you can:

  • Send weekly messages with updates about available marketing materials
  • Send messages about new products or services you’re working on
  • Share news about new promotions
  • Share industry news, facts, and controversies
  • Send emails with marketing tips to help them increase their commissions

Staying connected with your affiliates on a regular basis is one of the main ways to keep your team active and motivated. You can, and should, also connect with them on social media. Share their posts, comment on relevant posts, and support your affiliates, especially your top-performing affiliates like they support you.

2. Recognition of top-performing affiliates

In addition to consistently communicating and connecting with your affiliates, you can motivate them by sharing their accomplishments and recognizing their hard work. Recognition can happen in a number of ways. For example, you might write up a case study on your top-performing affiliates who has earned profits with your organization. You can then share their success with your affiliates, on your blog, via social media and in your email messages. The information not only helps your top-performing affiliates stay motivated, it also teaches other affiliates how to succeed.

Recognition can also come in the form of monetary rewards. You can segment your affiliates into tiers. Your top tier performers can be recognized with a higher commission rate or a monthly or quarterly bonus, depending on sales. Recognition can be both monetary and through praise.

3. Contests and Incentives

Speaking of monetary rewards, many affiliates are motivated by money. That’s their job and the business model they have chosen. They’re going to work hard for the business owners and affiliate programs that help them achieve their goals. Contests can range from most traffic generated to top sales.

Rewards can be anything from cash rewards to an increase in their commission rate to gift cards and other fun items. If you’re unsure what type of contest or incentive will motivate your affiliates, ask them. Get them involved in your program. You can brainstorm a few ideas and send out a survey asking for votes and feedback. Again, communication is helpful for motivating your team and for helping you run the best affiliate program possible.

4. Exceptional Support

Finally, you can motivate your team by making sure they have all of the information they need to succeed. That means an exceptional affiliate support system. Your system can include ticket-based inquiries so that every message you receive from an affiliate is answered promptly. You can create a full scale knowledge base that covers any question or concern a potential affiliate might have, as well as provide tons of information about how to succeed as an affiliate.

Great affiliates are naturally self-motivated. However, they’ll be more likely to direct their efforts in your direction if they feel that they’re being supported to succeed. Communicate often, offer recognition and monetary incentives, and don’t forget to show them you appreciate them through your affiliate support systems.