Best Affiliates – How to Attract Them? Here are Awesome Tips…

Best Affiliates

You want to attract the best affiliates. An affiliate is someone who promotes your business products or services in exchange for a commission. If you have an attractive affiliate program, you’ll probably catch the attention of many affiliates. Some of those affiliates may make the occasional commission. That’s great, but those aren’t generally the people you want to attract.

You want to attract the best affiliates, people who are commonly referred to as “super affiliates.” They make many sales and send a ton of traffic and business to your site. To attract them, your program has to be exceptional. Let’s take a look at what the best affiliates are looking for in an affiliate program.

Brandable Content and Marketing Materials

How available are your marketing materials and what are you providing your affiliates? In addition to providing and abundance of brandable materials, make sure that the marketing content is easy to access. An affiliate shouldn’t have to dig deep to find the materials they need to promote you. In fact, if you can create a system that sends new marketing materials to them, all the better.

Great affiliates know that time is money. Respect their time by creating an abundance of brandable marketing content for them, and refreshing it on a regular basis. They’ll be more likely to sign up for your program if they can quickly download an article and send it to their list instead of writing it themselves.

What type of content does a super affiliate like? To be honest, they like to have access to a variety of content, as their audience may have different preferences than yours. However, they also want content that provides value and benefit.

Look to create brandable:

* Articles

* Blog posts

* Email/autoresponder messages

* Video content

* Case studies

* Slide shows

* Infographics, memes, and images

* Banners

* Advertisements

It’s a good idea to create a separate content strategy for your affiliates so you’re not duplicating content. They’re getting a flow of fresh content that they can use to promote your business products and services.

What Else Do Best Affiliates Want?

* High commissions. They want to be well paid for their efforts.

* Good conversion rate. They want to know that the sales page they’re sending visitors to actually makes sales.

* Strong reputation for quality. A super affiliate wants to know that you’ll help their online reputation.

* They want to be respected and appreciated.

* Metrics. In addition to conversion rates and commissions, you can attract great affiliates by letting them know important analytics like traffic numbers, traffic sources, and visitor value.

Incentives, Contests, and Prompt Payment

You can attract great affiliates by creating incentives, contests, and programs that are motivating and exciting. When you’re holding these contests and incentives share the great news on social media and in your email marketing messages. Let people know what they have to gain. You can even share affiliate success stories with your audience.

Finally, let’s not forget that affiliates are generally money motivated. They want to be paid promptly. Make sure your systems are in place so that your affiliates receive their commissions on a consistent basis.

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