How to Set Up a Lead Magnet Page

A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to prospective customers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. This recipe will show you how you can set up a page for your lead magnet.


Time Estimate

At least an hour or two



  1. Logins for the following:
  2. Web Form
    • To create a form, you need to have the required fields:
      • First Name
      • Email Address
  3. Email Copy
  4. Webpage Copy
  5. Lead Magnet Item - PDF Report/Ebook or Video
  6. Lead Magnet Cover Image



  1. Create a document to save the important links:
    • Link to lead magnet URL
    • Link to thank you URL
    • Download link to lead magnet
    • URL or form code for the web form
  2. Upload lead magnet to hosting site - copy link onto the document.
  3. Create form:
    • Login to email service provider
    • Create form with first name and email address as required fields.
    • Save URL or form code to put on lead magnet webpage.
  4. Create an email campaign or autoresponder for the lead magnet:
    • Copy and paste the email copy into the email sequence including the time delay.
    • Send a test for each email to verify the links, typos and images.
  5. Create the lead magnet webpage and the thank you webpage. Copy paste the web copy you’ve prepared in strategic positions on the webpage. There must be a heading, a body containing the benefits of getting the lead magnet, a web form where prospective customers can opt-in and give their name and email address, a call to action, and an image of your lead magnet.
  6. Copy the webpage URLs to the document.


Taste Test

1) Go to the Lead magnet webpage and submit name and email address on webpage.

2) Ensure that the thank you page is received.

3) Verify that the first email in the campaign is received and download link is working.


Icing on the Cake

  1. Start marketing your sales page.
  2. If the client wants you to create their own procedure for this, then create your own procedure. If you have specific instructions from your client, make sure you also document that.



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