Email Addresses

This recipe will document the list of email addresses a business owns and its purpose.


Time Estimate

No more than 15 minutes unless the business owns a lot of email addresses like more than 10.



  1. Access to website hosting provider - login credentials. (i.e. Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgaor, LiquidWeb). It may be the same company as the domain registrar.  The email addresses may be hosted with the domain registrar's account.  If so, you will need access to the domain registrar's account.



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  1. Log into the domain name registrar's or the website hosting account.
  2. Navigate to the Email addresses area.
  3. Document the list of email addresses and the purpose of each one.
  4. Update the standard operating procedures with the name of the company and the list of email addresses.
  5. Note if they are being forwarded to another email address.

Here's a sample template:

  1. Email address #1:
  2. Purpose:
  3. Username:
  4. Password:
  5. Registrar:
  6. Username:
  7. Password:
  8. Fee: Annual, monthly and how much?
  9. Repeat for multiple email addresses.


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Icing on the Cake

  1. Set a reminder on the calendar each year to review the email addresses to see if they are still being used.
  2. If they aren't being used, review the emails to see if there are any important emails to forward to the business before deleting them.
  3. If the client wants you to create their own procedure for this, then create your own procedure. If you have specific instructions from your client, make sure you also document that.